Farmers market in Dubai.

Market (2 van 1)Yesterday, Saturday morning I visit the Organic Famers Market at Business Bay in Dubai.
The market is every Saturday morning in the growing season; when the temperatures are too high it’s closed. Tis april they are there another couple of weeks, before closing for the hot summer period.
It’s a nice place to be; small stalls in the shadow of trees are offering a wide range of locally grown vegetables. The farmers are selling their home grown products direct to the consumers and by doing this they


Market (1 van 1)receive the feedback straightaway. Cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes and other products are offered.

Besides these vendors’ stalls with fresh coffee, fresh baked bread and prepared rolls. So having a good breakfast or lunch is very well possible. We tested the coffee and it was great!
It’s a nice place for spending some time and doing the weekly vegetable shopping. The price level, compared to the super-market is lower.



Market (3 van 1)Surrounded by the high buildings of Dubai with the highest tower (880 mtr) of Burj Khalifa you cannot forget where you are.

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Changing curtains in the Iran relations with the West.

Iran has fully complied wit its commitments under the last year’s landmark nuclear agreement, but eight month after the official removal of sanctions, the West is failing to deliver on it’s promises, the Iranian vice President told the Guardian. Western bank don’t accept payments from Iran; they do not trust the Iranian banking system. This issue has prevented Iran from capitalizing on the interest shown by Western business in returning to the country or finalising lucrative deals with the West, such as the purchase of planes from Boeing and Airbus.
Above phrase was from a local Iranian newspaper.

I saw local Iranian companies struggling with their approach towards Western partners. Can we trust these people; are they going to deliver what they are promising? Western businessmen are concerned about payments; Western banks are not even accepting payments from Iran.

It’s clear that Iran is a challenging country for Western companies; the market is big and there is a lot of demand. Due to a long tradition of sanctions and mistrust there is still along way to go on both sides of the border. Relations has to be established and trust has to be built.

Visiting Iran, meeting and talking to potential business partners is a way to make progress.

September 2016


The Holy Shrine of Mashhad.

Being in Mashhad for business I spent a few hours in the late afternoon visiting the Holy Shrine of Mashhad. The sun is already going down and the shadows in the street are getting longer. From my hotel it is a 10 minutes walk to the Holy Shrine and I am among a lot of others in this direction. The Holy Shrine is the number 1 place in this city and is every year visited by more than 10 million people; both shias and sunnis. Imam Reza, buried in the Holy Shrine was the 8th Imam of 12 Shiites.

By the entering the area I am picked up by guide for the complex. In daily life he is working as a lawyer; this he is doing on a volunteer basis. Walking through the complex is an amazing experience. More than 10 centuries of religion, architecture and art are brought together here and it gives a great view on the history and religion of the region. But not only history; workers a laying carpets in the different courtyards outside as a preparation for the 8 hours prayer. Everywhere I see people, men and women, reading the Koran. In another area preparations are made for the evening, in the Ramadan period very important. Local people living in Mashhad can attend, they will serve here for 2000 people in just 5 minutes, amazing.

Lots of people are working here and a big part of these are volunteers, they have other jobs in daily life outside the complex. Those controlling and guiding the crowds are having a coloured feather broom. In my memory this was used at home fro cleaning the furniture from dust. Funny to see a new application for this. The different colors (green, yellow, blue, red and brown) of the broom correspond with different tasks and jobs.

In the centre of the complex the mausoleum of Imam Imam Reza is located, directly beneath the golden dome within the Mosque. The scenery is unique; the place is crowded, lots of people are visiting the tomb, trying to touch the tomb and all of them are very emotionally, they are scarifying their religion. They are leaving backwards the tomb, not drawing their back towards the Imam.

Outside the Mosque the sun is setting and more and more people are coming in for attending the evening prayer.

More information about this Holy shrine can be found on Wikipedia.

June 2016

Urban Photo Race in Amsterdam

Yesterday I’ve participated in this event in Amsterdam, together with 3 friends.
The registration point was close to the Albert Cuyp Market; a busy place with lot’s of different people, colours and sceneries.
After registration we received our first themes and the first checkpoint. The themes were: Eye contact, I wish the world take me, as I am (Vincent van Gogh and high. With the intention to capture photo’s according the themes we started. The advantage of this is the focus; we were looking to the world around us through the lens of a photographer looking for pictures meeting the themes.

It was easy to catch the pictures, the themes were recognisable and in time we reached the first checkpoint at the MuseumPlein.
Shocking here was an exhibition of T-shirts, I guess several hundreds of them, hanging on lines between trees and fluttering in the wind, each of them with a name on them. The explanation was that the name on each T-shirt was linked to a Dutch child, killed with a violence action at home. I was really shocked; we consider our Duct society as civilised and each week a child is killed behind the front door at home.

At the first checkpoint we received the next themes; Desire is the essence of man (Spinoza) and nothing here, together with the location of the second checkpoint.
The level of themes was less clear or more open and we were less focussed on our job. Walking trough a beautiful part of Amsterdam, De Pijp, we passed the famous Hallen with lot’s of small shops and food-corners. Nice place for making pictures.
Coming to the second checkpoint, we realised that we were to early and decided to continue the day on a terracce in the neighbourhood. Enjoying a glass of wine and checking each other pictures we concluded that the urban Photo Race was a great event; it gave us the opportunity to meet each other and spent a nice day in Amsterdam with some nice pictures as reward.

June 2015


Traveling in Sicily is a privilige, small villages, colors, lot’s of flowers beside the roads and in the country side. In the evening dinner on the street side with a good glass of local wine.

In this picture, focussing on the two people. the above is concentrated. Just outside a small village, they concentrate themselves in their own travel issues.

more pictures of Sicily in my photography gallery.

May 2016



Just back from Iran and one of the pictures I made with the most impact was this one.

It shows shopping women on the Tehran bazar. The picture itself is not that special, it is just a flat photo.

The contrast is in the colors in the shop and the black dresses of the ladies.

The women are wearing the traditional black dresses, covering themselves according the local religious guidelines. They are all looking to the colours of the clothes in front of them and I am realising myself that they are also wearing this coloured clothes under their black dresses.

March 2016.


De volgende reis.

Recent was ik voor zaken in Iran. Mijn eerste indruk is die van een aangename verrassing. Het land lijkt goed georganiseerd en alles lijkt te functioneren. De wegen zijn breed, het autopark ziet er goed uit en de mensen zijn er vriendelijk. Ze zijn belangstellend naar waar je vandaan komt, wat je er komt doen en wat je indruk is van Iran.

In Teheran heb ik een beurs bezocht, een onderdeel van deze tentoonstelling was automotive; auto’s, vrachtwagens en toeleveranciers. De Iraanse automobielclub (hun ANWB) was ook aanwezig met een selectie van oude auto’s

Er stond een werkelijk prachtige Mercedes 220S, gebouwd tussen 1959 en 1965. Op dat moment ontstond het idee om met een auto van Teheran naar Nederland te rijden; uiteraard via Oost-Europa.

Terug in NL heb ik het idee gedeeld met enkele vrienden en uit een discussie groeit het volgende plan. In NL kopen we een auto, zonder de moderne huidige elektronica, en rijden deze van Nederland naar Teheran. Het huidige idee is om een Golf Cabrio hiervoor te kopen. De route loopt via Duitsland, Polen, Ukraine, Georgië en Armenië naar Iran; een tocht van 5.000 km. Neef Dries vind het idee geweldig en gaat graag mee.

Voorlopig staat deze trip in de planning voor het voorjaar van 2017; we gaan er van uit dat we twee maanden nodig hebben om deze afstand af te leggen.

Wordt vervolgd.

April 2016


What’s in a name.

Mijn bedrijf, waar ik mijn zakelijke activiteiten in uitvoer, heet het “zwarte paard”. Lang heeft een artikel op mijn website gestaan die dit omschreef.
Mijn website heeft ondertussen al een naamsverandering ondergaan en heet “”. Deze week laat ik de naam van mijn bedrijf ook omzetten en gelijk maken met de website; uniformiteit.
Alles op z’n tijd, zegt het spreekwoord. Het “zwarte paard” heeft voor mij een functie gehad, het heeft een grote rol gespeeld bij mijn werkzaamheden. Ik wil het daarom ook de erkenning geven die het verdient. De tijd is doorgegaan, ik heb mezelf ontwikkeld en richt me op de toekomst; op nieuwe ontwikkelingen en mogelijkheden.
Het proces van groei, vooruitgang en aanpassen aan een nieuwe omgeving blijft mij intrigeren. Het is dan ook goed mogelijk dat deze aanpassing niet de laatste is in de reeks.
Wel zal ik binnenkort, als eerbetoon, het artikel van het “zwarte paard” weer opnemen op mijn website, het verdient een mooi plaatsje.

Hoe ziet jou ontwikkeling eruit?

Augustus 2015.