The black horse

The Black Horse was the name of my company but recently this name has changed to As this is still an important era, I have put this story on my website.

Totem- or animals that are known for their strength, are coming from the native American tradition. In this tradition these animals have qualities from which people can extract messages.

On a beautiful summer evening in Friesland I am sitting at a small table, together with a friend after a beautiful day of sailing. Tourists are showing off and the colours are changing as the sun is going down. Then, all of a sudden the scenery is changing; posts are placed on the side of the road and a sound system is being installed, the silence is gone! We receive a folder with some information; “ring sticking”, a traditional Dutch game which involves a rider on horseback trying to `stick` a ring hanging from a post alongside the route onto a lance. 10 different combinations are participating; some with and some without coaches; folklore! A few moments later the activities are starting and the different teams are passing by with different levels of success. A lot of spectators are looking and when a rider succeeds in `sticking` the ring onto the target, they receive a big applause from the audience.

There is only 1 combination left. I can hear it coming, the noise-levels are increasing and the rumbling of the iron horseshoes on the stones is grabbing me. A large, black Frisian stallion enters the street with loose reins and a good trot, a perfect route. He sticks his head proudly in the air, he is moving like a winner. His horseman, a woman, takes the ring perfect from the post and receives a massive applause. The horse accelerates, the noise is increasing and both disappear out of sight. The noise decreases and then fades away.
Horses are our assistants for fast transport. Even today we calculate the power of our cars in horsepower!

As a totem animal in the native American tradition the horse brings the message that you have to stand up, step out of your routine and visit other places.

To me it is a perfect metaphor of naming and internal move.